Friday, February 08, 2008

The Unexplained Broken Undersea Communications Cables

As the dollar plummets, the Gulf Oil producers’ dollar holdings are worth less and less.

Iran intends to open its own Oil Bourse this month that will trade in “non-dollar currencies”. An operational Iranian Oil Bourse, actively trading supertankers full of petroleum in non-dollar currencies, poses a great threat to the American dollar's continued dominance as the international reserve currency.

Oil-rich Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have set 2010 as the target date for adopting a monetary union and single currency.

The past week has seen a spate of unexplained, cut, undersea communications cables that has severely disrupted communications in many countries in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. According to CNN the first two cut cables “account for as much as three-quarters of the international communications between Europe and the Middle East.“

The news media initially advanced the explanation that the cables had been cut by ships' anchors. But on 3 February the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology said that a review of video footage of the coastal waters where the two cables passed revealed that the area had been devoid of ship traffic for the 12 hours preceding and the 12 hours following the time of the cable cuts. So the cable cuts cannot have been caused by ship anchors, in view of the fact that there were no ships there.

Three things stand out about these incidents, several cables cut over a period of days:

All of them, save one, have occurred in waters near predominantly Muslim nations, causing disruption in those countries;

All but two of the cut/damaged cables are in Middle Eastern waters;

So many like incidents in such a short period of time suggests that they are not accidents, but are in fact deliberate acts, i.e., sabotage.

The evidence therefore suggests that we are looking at a coordinated program of undersea cable sabotage by an actor, or actors, … who have the technical capability to carry out clandestine sabotage operations on the sea floor, and who have exhibited a pattern of violently destructive policies towards Muslim peoples and nations, especially in the Middle East region?

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